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Terms & Conditions

The Rules:

The roads throughout the 4 routes making up GranFondoOttawa are NOT closed however OPS will be at major intersections within the City of Ottawa limits outbound and inbound.

Rules of the Road [HTA] apply everywhere along the 4 ride routes and must be obeyed per the Waiver and to validate insurance from our Underwriter and the HTA, please follow and obey the Rules of the Road to avoid disqualification and problems with law enforcement officers.

In Ontario, riding 2 abreast is Legal however not all motorists are aware of this and it often safer to be cautious and move to single file when traffic is heavy.

Racing [safely and with care for other riders] is only encouraged within the 4 designated sections of the QOM/KOM Ride with GPS Time Trial Segments and along the 10 Spring Segments specific to the GranFondoand SuprFondo routes.

Please obey ALL traffic signals and only cross intersections when safe or as instructed by the OPS [police] or designated intersection officials. Always ride with care to ensure your safety and our success!

Regulations & Acknowledgements:

The following are basic rules for riding the GranFondoOttawa, violators of any of these rules are subject to removal from the event:

  1. Helmets are mandatory:  CSA approved helmets must be worn and done up at all times.
  2. “Stay Aware, Upright and Ride with Care”:  Look for obstacles, don’t swerve and weave, keep your head up, and ride in single file, if possible.
  3. “Stay to the Right”:  Unless passing another rider, ensure that you stay as far to the right of the road as you can. This makes it easier for other riders to pass you safely on the left. Ride in designated bike lanes or on the shoulder wherever possible.
  4. No personal support vehicles on course:  Please let us take care of you on your ride. Avoid clogging up the route with additional cars and trucks.
  5. No unregistered riders!
  6. Chip and Number Placement:  All participants MUST mount their chip and place their number according to the instructions supplied in their race package bag.
  7. No personal audio devices (iPod, earbuds, headphones, etc.):  These devices present distractions and ultimately place you and other riders at risk of accident.
  8. Acceptable non-standard bicycles:  Tandems, hand cycles, race wheelchair.  Please note that due to issues of size, it may not be possible to transport these bicycles back to the finish area should you require assistance.
  9. Under-18 Riders: All GranFondoOttawariders under the age of 18 MUST have their wavier signed by Parent/Guardian at Package Pick-Up to ride in the event.
  10. No littering: If you are caught throwing anything on the ground while participating in the ride, you will be subject to removal.
  11. Observing Traffic Management Personnel and course marshals: If it is observed that someone ignores or disobeys the instructions from one of these people, they risk ejection from the race.
  12. Treat volunteers with kindness and respect: We value our dedicated volunteers and want to ensure that they have a great time. Abuse of any volunteer will not be tolerated. Smiles and a thank-you will always be appreciated.
  13. No refunds, please note that given the nature of cycling, as an outdoor activity subject to the elements, we cannot and do not control the weather and the ride goes, rain or shine. No refunds can or will be issued with NO exceptions given the expenses incurred to stage an event including the pre-paid cost of the jerseys, insurance, permits, fees, policing services, FondoFesta venue, bands and paying for supplies and services (in advance) to guarantee that the event takes place in a proper format and without fail.
  14. Transfers are subject to the discretion of the Director Generale and if granted come with a $25.00 admin fee to cover related expenses.
  15. Please note the ride routes and road options may be altered to accommodate local municipal and township projects and best ensure rider safety.
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