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Thank you for registering for GranFondoOttawa and attending our Sixth Edition on July 15th, 2017.

We appreciate your support as we continue to step things up and ask that you please take the time to read through the below details to help us better serve and inform you during the 4-days of our event.

We remind you that route changes are possible as towns, villages and the municipalities through which we ride always seem to launch road works during July and despite our efforts to stay ahead of those changes when building our route- budgets change and emergencies occur thus changes are required.


I have entered and cannot ride, can I get a refund or do a substitution?

  • Sorry – we have a NO refund policy; jerseys & other items have been ordered & paid for
  • Transfers are allowed- subject to a $25.00 fee + 6% admin fee & HST
    [the Biemme jersey may be exchanged if NOT worn & in original bag]
  • Please download PDF registration forms & waivers from the website & have your transferee complete them and email them to
  • Payment can be sent by mail or e-Transfer or paid in cash if at the event, no checks please
  • Any other questions, please address them to

Schedule of Events & Kits / Chip Pick Up

  • Event Venue – Richcraft Recreation Complex– Kanata, 4101 Innovation Drive
  • Thursday/13th Kit/Chip pick up [6PM-9PMMinto Youth Room
  • Friday/14th Expo kit/chip pick up [1PM-9PMMinto Youth Room
  • Saturday/15th 6AMKit/Chip pick up [6AM-8AMMinto Youth Room
  • Saturday/15th 7AMGiornoJaveFesta – Green Pavilion [outside]
  • Saturday/15th 8AM/SF, 8:30AM/GF/PF, 9AM/MF & 9:30AM/CF
  • Saturday/15th Expo [Magic 100, all day music]
  • Saturday/15th Noon ClockTowerFondoFesta + BBQ
  • Sunday/16th 10AMrecovery ride – Green Pavilion/Richcraft Recreation Complex


Important – please note:

  • Riders please respect the Kit/Chip p/u schedule to ensure fast in/out process
  • Each of the 4 events has its own check in table
  • Event changes managed at the Information Desk [only, please]
  • Please check in at the GFO event you were originally registered to participate in
  • Additional Gear/Biemme orders are to be picked up or sold at a separate table
  • Last minute Saturday AM registrations are allowed – please register 1-hour before your ride

What is the process?

  • The Kit/Chip p/u for ALL rides take place Thursday/Friday/Saturday AM [early]
  • Location- Richcraft Recreation Complex-Kanata, 4101 Innovation Drive, Kanata North
  • Team Breathe volunteer greeters will direct you to collect Kit/Chip + bag & jersey
  • If applicable, Biemme Gear will be available for p/u at separate table
  • On Saturday at 6AM- set up & rides depart from the parking lot adjacent [left] of the RRC past the outdoor soccer/football field adjacent to the Pavilion in the PODunit

Can someone else collect my entry?

  • Yes, with a signed note and photo ID of the person to leave with us as proof

What do I need to bring as identification/proof of entry?

  • Please bring photo ID [DL/Health Card] + registration confirmation form sent via email
  • If you registered manually by check, we will send you a confirmation, please print it

Will there be NEW entries accepted on Thursday, Friday or Saturday AM of event day?

  • Riders may register Saturday AM but please be there at least 1-hour before start
  • Please note out of your jersey size, it will be ordered after the event + 8-week delivery
  • Shipping/handling costs are $15.00 if required

What if my jersey is too big/small?

  • Exchanges are OK if jersey is returned in original package UNWORN and other sizes are available
  • Additional jerseys can be ordered subject to a delivery fee of $15.00 to cover shipping and handling if need be for out-of-town riders

Can we ride a tandem or are unconventional bikes allowed?

  • Time trial and tandems are OK, for tandems, both riders must register
  • Unconventional bikes need approval from insurance provider

WD40Bike Wash powered by MobiVelo

Compliments of Mobivelo, after your ride, head over to the MobiVelo Bike Wash supported by MobiVelofor a degrease of your drivetrain, bike wash and polish + lube to be ready for our Sunday recovery ride at 10AM.

Biemme Merchandise

We will be offering our collection of 2017 Biemme Collection of clothing at the Event as well as an assortment of clothing/accessories from previous years at discounted prices. Unfortunately, not all sizes will be available. To ensure your size, if you plan to make the purchase on line, ahead of our event date, please email us first to ensure we in fact have your size –


Kit/Chip Rider Bag Pick Up

  • See Schedule of Events above
  • Please note, we have ordered extra Biemme jerseys & inventory of sizes should not be an issue however, we will place a Post-Ride Order – shipping/handling is extra, if delivery is needed
  • If unsure of size when you get home, please bring another jersey and DO NOT wear the Biemme jersey- we will assist as possible exchange it or check with us to ensure sizing in advance

What proof do I need to bring collect order?

  • Photo ID and copy of registration (ideally)

Will I be able to change sizes of bibs or other Gear ordered?

  • We have ordered extra inventory and will exchange if NOT used or opened & in original bag
  • We will do a post ride order to allow for additional changes per above conditions
  • Subject to a delivery fee of $15.00 to cover shipping and handling for out-of-town riders

Will there be GranFondoOttawa clothing on sale at expo?

  • Yes we have a Gear section of ALL options from Biemme including past years, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 as listed on our website (please note- sizing is limited)
  • Other vendors will participate in the event expo including Desjardins, Clif Bar, Shimano, Bicycle Art, Biemme, Diadora, Enervit, Veloflex, Briko, Stella Azzura, LAS Helmets, Xact Nutrition-Fruit 2
  • Please check website for details of other sponsors or vendors who support our event


Technical/Mechanical Support

  • Our Official Retailer Partner MobiVelo will have a van and offer tubes and tires for sale
  • We offer MobiVelotech support at the start/finish area [4101 Innovation Drive, Kanata]

Roving & stationary tech support on all 5 routes by MobiVelo with limited emergency tubes at n/c


Venue Start/Finish

  • Start/Finish is in the smaller parking lot adjacent to the RCC, below the football field
  • Look for the PUP Units, the green Pavilion and our Expo
  • Our rides begin at 8AM with the SuprFondo in A & B groups in 15 minute intervals.
  • The Rides are led out by Ride Ambassadors


Host Hotel

  • Our Official Hotel partner is the Four Diamond Brookstreet Hotel
  • Rooms are available at special rates from as low as $129.00/night including parking and WiFi


What are the directions to the venue?


Exit the 417W at March/Eagleson Road, take March Rd North a few KM North, make a left on Terry Fox Drive, at the next light make a left on Innovation Drive

Address is 4101 Innovation Drive, Kanata, K2K0J3

Where should I park?

  • On Thursday/Friday, there is limited parking at the RRC and lots of street parking along Innovation Drive as well as at Cisco across the street
  • On Saturday, there is parking at Cisco across the street and long Innovation Dr. Ideally you park there as the RRC is very busy and has limited parking for our event.
  • Free parking at Brookstreet Hotel in the parking garage behind the hotel at 535 Legget Drive

Do we have to pay for parking?

  • No

Are the toilets facilities at the start venue?

  • Yes, there are washrooms at the RRC and we will have porta-potties and hand-wash stations
  • There are also showers inside the RRC with towels available for a fee

Will there be a safe bag/bike back lockup at venue?

  • No, given insurance coverage limits, please put your bike back into your vehicle or leave along fencing at your own risk or lock them up

 Routes – Ride Details


N.B. Please note – GranFondoOttawa provides Chip Timing results for the Start/Finish only.
It’s not a race and we only encourage race like efforts along the designated Segments noted as Time Trials and the Sprint Segments as supported by Ride with GPS – follow the signage.

If you are interested in competing in the QOM/KOM Segments and winning prizes we encourage you to register with Ride with GPS, download their APP which is free and is a great tool to use to load  and track your rides and our 5 GranFondoOttawa 2017 ride routes.

We ask that you  also, please RSVP to our event to qualify for the 4 x Time Trial Segments and the 10 x Sprint Segments as they are monitored and scored using GPS technology. As long as you are registered and have RSVP’d with them, even if your phone is off, it’ll log your data.

Please load –

What are the routes like?

Our routes have changed and in general are more challenging vs in previous years.

We have 5 great options and great support along the routes thanks to our Ride Ambassadors [30] and our volunteer partners at the Lung Association of Ontario and their Team Breathe volunteers [black jerseys] including Route Marshals, Roving Support and Feed Stations [12] well placed at reasonable intervals in great venues and they are all happy to be there and support our riders however we ask that you respect the suggested time limits [below] for each route for your own safety and too ensure we can best support you along the route/event you choose to ride.

Road conditions are generally good however there are some rough sections around Dunrobin Shores after the first Time Trial Segment – on the way  down to the Ottawa River along Thomas Dolan and along Barlow Crescent and  towards Horseshoe Bay and back along Greenland Dr and also along Thomas Dolan until we reach the Feed Station at the Dunrobin Community Center.

Our routes will be well marked with signs on stakes [roadside] + painted road arrows.

We also provide Cue Sheets, Top Tube Cue Sheets and GPS files via Ride with GPS

We will indicate dangerous areas with Hot Spot signs. These include rail road crossings, rough road conditions and upcoming intersections.

We have created the routes to follow the same stretches for the initial 40K and most of the last 15K to allow for better support from the Ottawa Police Service at 15 intersections, our Route Managers, Ride Ambassadors, Route Marshals, Feed Station Crews and Sag + MobiVelo + FirstAid4U

Where do I find a detailed route map?

  • Each route is detailed with a Ride with GPS link
  • Ride with GPS-
  • Cue sheets will be available
  • Top Tube Cue Sheets will be provided in Rider Bag


  • The CortoFondo/65K-fairly flat + 2-3 inclines + 2 x QOM/KOM sections
  • The MedioFondo/100K– more elevation + 3 x QOM/KOM sections
  • The PiccoloFondo/150K – added elevation + 4 x QOM/KOM sections
  • The GranFondo/180K– steeper incline, good rollers 4 x QOM/KOM sections
  • The SuprFondo/235K– beastly, sections over 12%, lots of rollers, 4 x QOM/KOM section
  • The routes are described [website] in detail & each has a Ride with GPS link
  • Cue Sheets, Maps, GPX files and TCX files can be found under the Event Registration page

Please refer to–

Will the routes be well marked?

  • Yes- however you should be somewhat familiar with the route.
  • We offer road side arrows on stakes & road painted arrows.
  • For additional ease, please print off the Cue Sheet above
  • We will have Ottawa Police Services at 15 intersections from Ottawa and into Ottawa City limits.
  • We offer Ride Ambassadors [30] along the routes + Route ManagersFeed Station CrewsRoute Sagand with FirstAid4U and MobiVelo with roving tech support on each route
  • We are also offering volunteer Route Marshals on course

Will the roads be closed?

  • Roads are NOT closed, we offer Ottawa Police Service at a 15+ intersections within the City limits, follow Rules of the Road to ensure safety
  • See more details above.

How long do I have to finish the ride?


There is NO time limit however we need to manage expectations for the Feed Stations and the Time Trial segments to properly run the QOM/KOM sections which are managed so to post results of the Top 3 within a reasonable amount of time based on the majority of riders completing the routes in reasonable time. Its highly likely to expect that the Top 3 from each event will come from the first 25% of riders to complete the segments so to ensure you are in the competition, it is advise you ride within the front of either the A or B group with whom you begin the ride at the Start to help us best manage the QOM/KOM segments and its operation and enable posting of results, to ensure avoid long delays

  • QOM/KOM #1 will run from 8AM until 10:45AM
  • QOM/KOM #2 will run from 8:30AM until 11AM
  • QOM/KOM #3 will run from 9:30AM until 2PM
  • QOM/KOM #4 will run from 11:30AM until 5PM
  • QOM/KOM Sprint Segments are timed by GPS – you must register with their RSVP option
  • The Feed Stations are manned by our Team Breathe volunteers and will NOT stay open all day
  • CortoFondo/65K should be completed within 3.5 hours, 2PM at 18K/hour w/stops
  • MedioFondo/100K should be completed within 5 hours, 2PM at 21K/hour average w/stops
  • PiccoloFondo/150K should be completed within 7.5 hours, 3PM at 22K/hour average w/stops
  • GranFondo/180K should be completed within 8.5 hours, 4:30PM at 23K/hour average w/stops
  • SuprFondo/235K should be completed within 9.5 hours, 5:30PM at 25K/hour w/stops


Feed-Station Details


Will there be refreshment stations and food and toilets on the route?

  • There are 12 Feed-Stations, along the 5 routes, some with FirstAid4Uand some with Tech Support and ALL have toilets or washrooms
  • Please use the TopTube/CueSheets for indicating important details for the route you are riding
  • Feed Stations- Horseshoe Bay, Dunrobin, Fitzroy Harbor, Cananaugh Pit, Burnstown, Calabogie, Ferguslea/132, Pakenham, Carp Rd, Old Carp Rd [see route map on website]
  • We will have water & Clif BarsEnervit GSport + bananas, bagels, pretzels, peanut-butter/jelly
  • Select locations will offer Xact Nutrition Fruit 2 bars

Do I need to bring money to buy food/refreshments along the way?

  • Great option as there are many stores, cafe’s & restaurants for additional food
  • Good idea to being $10.00 just in case and a major credit card
  • Good to have at least 1 gel per 2 hours of riding + a bar per 2 hours as well

Where are our Feed Station locations and operation times?


Our Feed Stations are run by volunteers from the Lung Association of Ontario and their I Love Lungs team. The timelines set below are based on a ride speed of 20KPH for the CortoFondo riders and 25KPH for the SuprFondo riders which are the more challenging route to manage given the diverse levels of riders and we ask that you keep that in mind when riding and setting expectations for support.

As an example, riders choosing the SuprFondo route at 235K with 3 x 10 minute breaks to refuel, should be able to complete the ride by 5:30M +/- a few minutes.

– Richcraft Recreation Complex, 4101 Innovation Dr, Kanata North [7AM]
– Horseshoe Bay, corner of Greenland Rd/Armitage Dr [7:30AM- 11AM]
– Dunrobin Community Center, 1151 Thomas Dolan Parkway [7:45AM- Noon]
– Penny’s Fudge Factory, 6814 Harbour St, Fitzroy Harbour [8:30AM- Noon]
– Cavanaugh Pit, 404 Young Rd @ Concession 10 Rd, Arnprior [9AM- 1PM]
– Neat Foods/Cafe, 1715 Calabogie Rd, Burnstown [9:30AM- 4PM]
– Shooter’s Bar & Grill, 4988 Calabogie Rd, Calabogie [10AM-3PM]
– Gourley’s Variety, 1564 ON #132, Renfrew/Ferguslea [10:30AM-3:30PM]
– Five Span Bridge Park, 4916 Kinburn Side Rd, Pakenham [10AM-5PM]
– Thomas Dolan Pkwy at Carp Rd [South West corner at stop sign] [10:30AM- 5:30PM]
– Second Line Rd at Old Carp Rd [North West corner at stop sign] [9:30AM- 6PM]
– Richcraft Recreation Complex, 4101 Innovation Dr, Kanata North [7AM-7PM]

Awards QOM/KOM Time Trials & Sprint Segments

Please note there are NO awards for the overall Start/Finish times. Results will be posted.

Our Ride with GPS – QOM/KOM awards will be presented to the Top 3- Male and Female riders for each of the 5 GranFondoOttawa ride routes by combining the total time elapsed within the Ride with GPS Time Trial Segment/sections applicable. You must be registered to quality as its Ride with GPS tracked.

As we offered in 2016, we will offer Ride with GPS Sprint sections, awarding 1 Winner per Segment regardless of which GranFondoOttawa ride route is chosen.

In order to qualify for the 10 x Sprint Segments, you must be a Ride with GPS user, it’s free and you must RSVP to our event as a rider. Their APP, once loaded will monitor your ride data regardless as to whether or not your phone is on. It won’t drain your battery.

Awards are provided as part of our various sponsor packages from LAS HelmetsWD40Bike, Clif Bar, Stella AzzuraRoad IDBrikoDZ NutsXact Nutrition and Enervit Based on approximated times of the Top 3 Riders in each of the 4 events, we will begin to present the awards at 4PM beginning with the CortoFondo, then the MedioFondo, PiccoloFondo, GranFondo and SuprFondo based on 15 minute intervals so to allow most of the riders to be present at the FondoFesta.

We recognize that is possible that not all our riders will be back by 4PM however with 5 events to manage and start times at 8AM we do not want the earlier riders waiting too/too long and it is highly likely the QOM/KOM Top 3 will come from the front 25% of each of our events- we hope that does not offend anyone..



We would like to thank our valued sponsors for their support in providing valued prize items which are used for the QOM/KOM Top 3 as well as on The Exchange to support the Team Breathe – Lung Association and they help support GranFondoOttawa as contra to pay supporters and cover costs of other sponsors and suppliers to run the event each year.




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