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QOM/KOM-Time Trial Segments 

– powered by Ride with GPS


In previous years we used chip timing to record the results for our QOM/KOM Time Trial Segments however every year there was some form of issue with chip readings not being accurate enough to produce good results. There was battery failure, damage to equipment or equipment placement and chip read issues of some form. Last year was by far the worst as we had planned to migrate to GPS based timing using Ride with GPS in 2016 for the Time Trial and Sprint Segments and only offer chip timing for the elapsed ride times at the finish – but – were convinced by Echo Chrono that his timing service was different and his equipment was well tested at his own events. Unfortunately his reader boxes did not pick up the signals thus did not read the chips and we did not get results to use. We very recently discovered that the equipment failure was in fact due to Echo Chrono using after-market timing chips rather than using the timing chips as authorized by the equipment manufacturer. The decision to save money on authorized chips made in China was a disaster for us. We did our best to produce a Leader Board and results with help from Ride with GPS and again apologize for the failure to deliver. 
As originally planned in 2016, we will make use of GPS based timing for the Time Trial and Spring Segments using Ride with GPS and will offer chip time for overall elapsed time from the start point around to the finish. We do not award winners as the routes are not designed for racing – its a ride with challenges built in – hence the Ride with GPS QOM/KOM Time Trial and Sprint Segments.
In order to qualify for the QOM/KOM Ride with GPS Competition, you must download and use the Ride with GPS app [free] and log on and reply to the RSVP invite associated with our exclusive Ride with GPS event page – which is also free. All registered riders will receive an invite and instructions will be provided in your Rider Bag at the event p/u July 13/14/15th.
  • Our 2017 QOM/KOM Ride with GPS Competition will challenge those who choose to Stomp the Pedals along 4 distinct Segments.
  • We will continue to offer non-competitive Chip Timing for those who want to record and track their Start/Finish times and post results according to the Event.
  • We will also offer 4 x QOM/KOM Time Trial Segments as in 2016.
  • We are looking to add a 5th QOM/KOM Time Trial Segment – stay tuned but rest assured it goes up…. 
  • There will be 2 x TT Segments for the CF/65K event, 3 x TT Segments for the MF/100K event and 4 x TT Segments for the PF/150K, GF/180K and SF/235K events.
  • The Top 3 – M & F Champions will be crowned based on cumulative times over the Time Trial Segments.
  • We are also offering 10 x Sprint Segments and awarding 1 prize per Segment regardless of the event chosen. 
  • We are tweaking the exact Segment locations however can disclose the Segments will be as short as 100M and no longer than 1K in length.
  • These Sprint Segments add a little excitement along some of the long sections of your route.
  • All Segments [Time Trials and Sprints] are timed using Ride with GPS data provided from your GPS unit or Smartphone.
  • We will have Work Stations at the Finish with Staff to receive and upload your data to produce results.
Prizing for Top 3 Male & Female Time Trial Segment Champions
Prizing for Individual Sprint Segment Champions




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Time Trial #1

Time Trial #2
Time Trial #3
Time Trial #4

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