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QOM|KOM-TT sections powered by Ride with GPS


  • Our 2017 QOM/KOM Ride with GPS Competition will challenge those who choose to Stomp the Pedals along 4 distinct Segments.
  • We will continue to offer non-competitive Chip Timing for those who want to record and track their Start/Finish times and we will post results according to Age and Gender.
  • We will also offer 4 x QOM/KOM Time Trial Segments as in 2016.
  • There will be 2 x TT Segments for the CF/65K event, 3 x TT Segments for the MF/100K event and 4 x TT Segments for the PF/150K, GF/180K and SF/235K events.
  • The Top 3 – M & F Champions will be crowned based on cumulative times over the Time Trial Segments.
  • We are also adding 10 x Sprint Segments and awarding 1 prize per Segment regardless of the event chosen. 
  • We are tweaking the exact Segment locations however can disclose the Segments will be as short as 100M and no longer than 1K in length.
  • These Sprint Segments add a little excitement along some of the long sections of your route.
  • All Segments [Time Trials and Sprints] are timed using Ride with GPS data provided from your GPS unit or Smartphone.
  • We will have Work Stations at the Finish with Staff to receive and upload your data to produce results.
Prizing for Top 3 Male & Female Time Trial Segment Champions
Prizing for Individual Sprint Segment Champions



Our July 25th results are available here


Time Trial #1

Time Trial #2
Time Trial #3
Time Trial #4

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