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Welcome to our Registration Page

Welcome to GranFondoOttawa and our Seventh Edition, July 21st, 2018. Approaching 7-years, 7,000+ riders and closing in on 8,000 friends on Facebook – we’ve continued to evolve and learn the Event Management business and we all hope you enjoy what we have slowly created over time.

We made route changes to the Sixth Edition in 2017 and will look to tweak details to align the Feed Stations and find smoother tarmac depending on City of Ottawa Road Works projects [2018] as some of the stretches were getting a bit rough and repaved while others only received a chip & seal cover.

In 2017 we added OPS at additional intersections, added 6 more Ride Ambassadors, again had our Team Breathe Route Marshals, new road arrows, more signs, a few new QOM/KOM Ride with GPS Segments, and were able to have more RMT’s at the finish to provide massages compliments of the International Academy of Massage.

As we do after every year, we reconcile and go back to making changes as needed to step things up for 2018 on July 21st for our Seventh Edition.

In 2017, we added Running Goat Timing and were pleased with their delivery. They have a reliable and solid track record and we are satisfied that we’ve found a service who will indeed provide accurate Start/Finish times in a timely manor.

In the meantime, we greatly appreciate your support and continue offering time based “incentives” in addition to Registration Rates,which are discounted from our Event Rate as we’d love to see you again- thanks for riding GranFondoOttawa.

Loyalty Bonus – Riders registering for their 7th consecutive event will receive a special gift from GranFondoOttawa and a sponsor gift bag- with items useful and welcome to all riders…

Teams/Groups/Clubs –

10+ riders – 5% discount per rider and each Team Captain receives a pair of socks, gloves and a cap.

20+ riders – 10% discount per rider and each Team Captain receives a pair of arm warmers, a pair of socks, gloves and a cap.

30+ riders – 12% discount per rider and each Team Captain receives a pair of bib shorts, arm warmers, a pair of socks, gloves and a cap.

Team Captains must manage ALL registrations using our PDF and submit documents in a complete package with a Summary List of riders.

Please Download PDF complete/sign waiver & remit payment [1-check per Team]


Event Early Renewawl Rate
Expires October 31
Holiday Season Rate
Expires December 31
Winter Rate
Expires March 31 2018
Spring Rate
Expires May 31 2018
Expires June 30 2018
Last Minute Rate
Expires July 21 2018


65KM Route


$95.00 $110.00 $130.00 $145.00 $160.00 $175.00


100KM Route


$110.00 $125.00 $145.00 $165.00 $180.00 $195.00


150KM Route


$125.00 $140.00 $155.00 $175.00 $190.00 $205.00


180KM Route


$135.00  $150.00  $170.00 $185.00  $200.00 $215.00 


235KM Route


$155.00  $170.00 $190.00   $200.00 $215.00  $230.00

Upgrade to VIP

$175.00 $190.00  $205.00  $210.00 $215.00  $225.00

Please Note:

  • All riders receive a custom GFO jersey with their entry, guaranteed.
  • Riders registering by April 30th may p/u their jerseys at one of our Fit Days in May. Exact dates and locations to be arranged.
  • Please note we do not ship jerseys or Gear orders unless arranged and at an added cost of $15.00
  • Refer to Waiver + Rules, Terms & Conditions before registering.
  • Please also refer to Rider Guide for more event day details.
  • Transfers are subject to approval by DG and subject to a $30.00 Admin fee.
  • Event changes are allowed but subject to prevailing rate differential if upgraded.
  • Review waiver/rules click here.
Have a question? Contact Rider Relations at
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